Microscopic Journey Butoh Performance by Michiru Inoue

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Michiru Inoue (Butoh)

Tamio Shiraishi (Saxophone)

Cammisa Buerhaus (Pipe organ)

KenYa Kawaguchi (Jinashi-Nobe – Shakuhachi)


November 16th, 2012 at Resobox Gallery

Doors open 7:00 P.M., Starts at 7:30 P.M.

Admission: Suggested Donation of $10


Butoh developed out of the student riots in Japan following World War II as a response to the changing rule of authority. Its origin is often attributed to Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno, who began performing in the late 1950’s. Butoh dance is diverse in its motion, but usually focuses on grotesque or taboo topics.

Michiru Inoue describes Butoh as “not only a physical action to me, it also can be a live being itself. I have been aiming to create my Butoh-being, which can be formed only ‘here’ and ‘now’.  Among the days, MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY has reached here. MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY is the most microscopic “world journey.”

Michiru Inoue, from Tokyo, Japan, is a Butoh dancer who has been performing Butoh since 1999. With no teacher and no pattern in her performances, she creates her own unique style instead.

In 2001, Michiru won the New Artist Award of the Japan Dance Critics Association for her solo performances in the alternative performance space Terpsichore in Tokyo. She participated in Dance Hakushu Festival (Hokuto city), Tatara Matsuri (Terpsichore), Dance ga mitai (die pratze) and many other projects.

In 2012, Michiru moved to NYC, and participated in Bushwick Open Studios 2012. Currently she has been improvising experimental sessions with Tamio Shiraishi (saxophone) and Cammisa Buerhaus (pipe organ).

★MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY NYC Butoh http://microscopicjourney.wordpress.com/


Pipe Organ, Alto Sax, Movement – Cammisa Buerhaus, Tamio Shiraishi, Michiru Inoue from Cammisa Buerhaus on Vimeo.


Tamio Shiraishi, Founding member of the legendary noise unit Fushitsusha Saxophonist
Tamio Shiraishi has had a storied career performing alongside some of
the most significant contemporary musicians. In USA, he has performed
with Crash Worship, No Neck Blues Band and many more. He currently often performs in subway stations after midnight.

Cammisa Buerhaus is a sound artist and instrument creator. Her work is rooted in embodied action, and utilizes sculpture to explore the body in space. She will be playing the Chroma Color Organ, a custom made wooden pipe organ that she built herself.

KenYa Kawaguchi, born in Hiroshima City, is a Japanese shakuhachi musician. He has been living in both New York City and Tokyo City. He plays an un-lacquered, un-jointed, bamboo flute to help express his music directly and transcend any separation between performer and instrument in the tradition of Watazumido, and has been inspired by the playing of John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy. When he was a student of the graduate school of Waseda University, He debuted with a work by John Cage at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. He had participated in the Triennial Art Festival in Niigata, and the Annual Opus Medium Recital at the Tokyo Opera City Hall, and currently participates in Karl Berger`s Improvisers Orchestra. Kawaguchi is a member of Seiji Nagai Group, and a member of the Open Music Ensemble.


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Photo from the Event

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