2/22 – 3/6 2013

Opening Reception: Febuary 22th at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM





It was my terror and entertainment that are made with the various shapes, their movements and the three colors of lights.








That day, March 11th 2011, I was not there when the earthquake hit Japan. I was here in New York, far away from my home country. The scenes of tsunami waves swallowing the towns of Tohoku and Eastern Kantou were broadcasted on American News channels. It was as if I was watching one of the Hollywood disaster movies. There was no difference that I could see from actors and the news reporters. The cars were like toys. The true tragedy seemed to have a face of entertainment. The sublime power of the chaos was taking over what people there had built, the order. I was fascinated with the overwhelming abstractions and assemblage with various materials, wondering how many RGB lights on the large TV-flat screen. What information or emotion did each light convey?






About the Artist:

Satoshi Tsuchiyama

After 20 years of the first chapter of his life in Japan, Tsuchiyama decided to move to the U.S. He learned Visual Studies at SUNY University at Buffalo and completed a certificate program at International Center of Photography. His art is a hybrid of photography, video and installation that explores the notion of uncanny and absurdity in the urban dystopian situation. Currently, he lives and works in New York.



Technical Superviser:

Taezoo Park

A Brooklyn based interactive media artist and designer, recently graduated with an M.F.A. in Pratt’s Digital Arts program. Specialties include developing interactive media; creating engaging UXs by taking user experiences into social and cultural contexts.

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