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Alex White-Mazzarella Exhibition — “WASTED”

3/15 (Fri) — 4/4 (Thu)

Opening Reception: 3/15 (Fri)   7:00-9:00pm at RESOBOX Gallery



Resobox Gallery proudly presents political works from Alex White Mazzarella, artist and
Founder of global social art initiative Artefacting. A collection of 17 mixed media paintings and a short video explore WASTED as a landscape, way of life, and social condition.

Large canvases collage lottery tickets, food packaging, and images of nature with colorful paint and pastel to create stories. Portraits of oil drums convert waste into aesthetic loot. Shadow populations are surveyed behind bars and people combine with abandoned rubber tires in metamorphosis. And in the 2011 performance video “Computer Man” the consumer awakes in a far distant land to discover the world that processes and recycles his composition.

The work was created during residencies in Brooklyn, Mumbai and Detroit.

Exhibition visitors will be able to define WASTED for themselves and later see the artist turn the
discourse into a collaborative artwork.

What is wasted? What is not wasted? What can’t be wasted? Why do we get wasted?


 Civic. Mental. Material



WASTED In Context

I’ve been staring at this computer screen for days but now, finally, I can go out and get WASTED

Nearly $6 billion spent for the 2012 presidential campaign. Economic production or WASTED

Our Global cities and their material incarnations swell and multiply. But how fast can we run to avoid getting WASTED

The Kyoto Protocol. A chance to curb climate change WASTED?

The waste management facility in Long Island City is expanding to process up to 2,100 tons of waste a day. WASTED




Alex White Mazzarella


Born in Boston, USA in 1979, a lifelong artist, he graduated university with degrees in economics and city planning before setting off to Barcelona and consequently Hong Kong to shape his art within the realms of street art and contemporary urban culture. Nurtured by Larry Poons, Phillip Sherrod and Hug Bastidas of the Art Students League, he has been exhibiting his paintings and artwork in New York and abroad since being discovered by Richard Temperio of the Sideshow Gallery. His work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art and India Design Forum.

His 2010 work “Beehive” is in the private collection of the Coimbatore Centre for Contemporary Art (CoCCA) and his work has been featured by likes of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Time Out. He founded Artefacting in 2010 as a global social arts initiative dedicated to stimulating community cohesion, dialogue and social justice.

He sparked Artefacting as a practice of creating art with diverse communities and audiences worldwide as a tool to bridge differences, open perspective, and manifest cultural undercurrents.






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